Hart Dance Academy

Responsive Web Design

Project Overview

For the last 36 years, Hart Dance Academy has been teaching students of all ages the LOVE of dance. Their primary focus is a strong technical foundation in a positive culture where dancers can flourish, grow and make meaningful relationships - all while exploring their artistic passions. They wanted to move forward with a more modern identity that still captured subtle hints of their old logo design as well as a more user-friendly website design.

Old Identity

In their old identity, Hart Dance Academy had conflicting typefaces with small illustrations throughout that made it difficult to shrink down to smaller sizes. While this approach was playful and made known the fact that they offered dance classes they wanted a design that was a bit more minimal and a website that showcased their professionalism when parents came to view their site that made them appear more like a dance academy.

Home Page
Hart Home Page
My Approach

I wanted to keep the core of their old identity but strip it down and give it a new, clean, modern look. I went with a very clean but still characteristic typeface and went with a subtle illustrative look by adding in the heart that interacts with the logo as a whole.

For the website design, I wanted to keep the viewer engaged by breaking up the content with images and small spot illustrations throughout. I organized the information in a way that would make the website user-friendly so that the user could get to the information they needed quickly with a clean, modern, look that was in the new identity.

Hart Classes Page
Hart Calendar Page