Creative Modem

UI Design

Project Overview

This Interior Design app is designed to help the user design the space of their dreams with little to no prior interior design experience needed. An app that is easy to pick-up and use as well as user-friendly and relies on AI to help transform the user's space into the room of their dreams within the tap of a few buttons.

Target Audience

The app is targeted to those with a lack of creativity or for those who simply don't know how to design within a three-dimensional space. Designed to hold the user's hand all the way to checkout without ever having to leave their home or put any thought into what would look good where or what colors to use.

Design Flow
My Approach

I went with very minimal color and simple design layout in order to enhance the overall usability of the app and to keep the images the main focal point. I wanted to incorporate a moodboard so that the user would have more freedom, as well as input, into the design style of their room. Once the user has accumulated all the images they loved into a folder AI would then use that folder as inspiration to help design the room of their dreams after they have snapped a photo of their space. The app would then show them an image of their newly designed space based off of their design folder and allow them to customize they're price range in order to incorporate more user interactions and make them feel a part of the process. I incorporated links on the final image as well to make it easier for the user to then go and purchase the products without ever having to step out of the house and drive to multiple stores. The items would all be then sent to their home to start putting their new space together with absolute ease.