Type Heavy Publication + Self-Mailer

Project Overview

Schemmer is a full-service architecture, engineering and construction field services consultant, providing responsible solutions for complex design and construction-related challenges. They are putting together a booklet showcasing not only their core values and beliefs as a company, but a collection of the work they have done and the clients they have worked for. The goal is to reach out to potential clients and people that have never worked with an architect or engineer before.

Target Audience

The target audience are individuals or companies looking to hire an architect or engineer for an upcoming project. They want to hire a company that goes above and beyond for their clients, are innovative, and produce great work. As well as a company that enables their clients to define and achieve their goals by providing comprehensive design and construction-related services in a professional and personal manner. They're looking for a company that will let them be a part of the creative process and are willing to go above and beyond for their client no matter what the cost and in return the client is willing to pay the extra cost for the right company.

20 Page Booklet
The Design System

Keeping within Schemmer's pre-determined design system, I wanted those who would be viewing these extensions of their brand to know exactly who this is coming from without switching it up on them. Lots of deep blue as well as hints of their green and gold and shades of gray. I wanted the designs to be very clean and structured as Schemmer is a full-service architecture and construction firm.

Schemmer Self-Mailer