Lyric Opera of Kansas City

Promotional Campaign

Project Overview

Lyric Opera of Kansas City is one of the nation's premier regional opera companies. The organization currently performs at the Muriel Kauffman Theatre inside the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts, the state-of-the art stage for performance art in Kansas City. Lyric Opera brings four high quality live operatic performances to the people of Kansas City each year. They wanted four new poster designs for each of their new upcoming opera's for 2023 in a new, unique, style that would strike the viewer's attention and stand apart from their previous poster designs from past years.

Design System

Lyric Opera of Kansas City had a specific design style in mind for their new posters. They were to be a collage of images, textures, illustrations and vibrant colors all working together as one to tell a story. While each poster was to be strongly unique on their own the posters combined were to be cohesive at the same time.

Sound of Music Poster Design
Sound Of Music Poster

My idea going into the Sound of Music design was to showcase Maria and George in a new light. Both featured with wildflowers growing up from within them as they both cling to each other to grow from past experiences of trouble and heartbreak. The von Trapp family suffering from the loss of a mother and wife and Maria leaving the convent in search of a new life.

Cavilleria Rusticana Poster Design
Cavilleria Rusticana Poster

For Cavilleria Rusticana I wanted my design to overall represent the duality of feminism between Santuzza and Lola as Santuzza finds her husband Turridu having an affair with his past lover, Lola, and is overcome with sadness and heartbreak, hence the reflection in her eye of Turridu and Lola. The women are both overcome with sadness by the end of the opera when Turridu is killed by Lola's husband.

Social Media Reel
LOKC Social Media Post

For the Instagram Reel I stayed within Lyric Opera's current color scheme while incorporating unique typefaces that work together, just like how their current logo incorporates their colors in a fun and playful manner that works with the type. I wanted the colors and type combined to be a strong staple that the viewer can quickly pick up that this is Lyric Opera's reel. The reel is designed to inform the viewer of Lyric Opera's upcoming plays and provides a link to go and purchase tickets.

Email Confirmation
LOKC Email

I designed the email as a follow up to the reel after purchasing tickets to a show. It's a confirmation email for the tickets the user purchased and is in the same style as the reel but a bit more simplified so that the user can read the information clearly.